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Just a small town girl with big city dreams. I am me, and there is only one.
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hi everyone i’m Kiry. so here’s the deal some of you know that i’m trying to move to Alabama from California w my mom in our motorhome so i could a) be w my sweetheart of 10+ years and b) so my mom and i could start up our art business. the problem is that we’ve had three breakdowns since leaving Cali so far and each time we’ve had to pay to be towed to a shop. the first time last week they replaced the fuel pump ($600’sih including the tow), the second (yesterday) they couldn’t find the problem and the motorhome started for them so they sent us on our way ($160 for the tow), and the third time was this morning when yet again the gas pedal stopped responding and it shut down by the side of the road. we’ve been towed back to a third repair shop in the middle of Texas, but we only have $200 until the 1st of August (ten days away) when my mom gets her monthly retirement living funds. the repair is most likely going to take at least $600 that we don’t have, and then we’ll need money to either stay here at an rv park until the 1st or keep going to Alabama. we rented a cheap motel room ($40 w some super generous discounts from the staff) for the night since we couldn’t stay in the motorhome unplugged in the Texas heat and no one would look at the motorhome on Sunday, but we have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow when the mechanic looks at the rv.

please i know it’s a lot to ask and i hate having to ask for help like this but if you could please donate anything to help us i would appreciate it so so much! if you can’t please signal boost this! i just don’t know what i’m going to do and my mom is an insulin dependent diabetic and disabled so she can’t be out in this heat. But i’m hoping to raise at least $600 so we can pay off the mechanic bill and then either sprint to Alabama or hunker down for ten days with whatever w have left. My paypal is right here and there’s also a donate button on my blog page. If you do donate, thank you so much! please leave me your blog name so i can at least write you a note crying abt how great you are!

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Old Navy General : Rainy Day Blues

Sailing through the voyage of life… The sea can get pretty nasty harsh waves and monstrous storms … The sea just like life can be unpredictable … But if it wasn’t for the unpredictability we wouldn’t appreciate the smooth sailing..

Feels good to be back in almost all old navy again I swear they have the only clothes that fit me just right and I don’t spend and arm and a leg

Heather Charcoal beanie: American Eagle

Dark rinse Denim jacket : Old Navy

Navy Stripped Tee: Old Navy

Premium White Denim Jeans: Old Navy

Legend Ink/Gold/White Shoes -Adidas(Samba)