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Dascha Polanco poses in the press room at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Night 2 at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

.. im a ctual y crying ?? i wish i was joking ??? dascha this is so rude i feel proud of you and betrayed like warn me p lease i am edgeless


first of all, how dare you

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13 times school dress codes made young women ashamed of their bodies 

It’s back to school season in America, which unfortunately also means a return to infuriating and overzealous dress code enforcement in schools across the country. Case in point: Over the past few weeks around 200 Staten Island students have received detention for violating their school’s dress code. What do almost all of those students have in common? A full 90% were girls.

This is one fashion trend that needs to end immediately. Here are 13 prime examples of the ways young girls have been shamed and even sexualized by school dress codes.

8. Female students forced to prove their dresses fit properly